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I have the experience, the conservative values, and the integrity we demand from our chief law enforcement officer.
I’ve served in the Texas judiciary for more than two decades, ruling on issues that impact our families, our property, and our freedoms. From my years on the bench, including more than a decade on the Texas Supreme Court, I know how to protect and defend our constitutional rights.
I grew up in Houston’s East End, the middle of seven children born to hard-working immigrants. My father worked as a welder and my mother earned what she could doing cleaning jobs. Neither went to school beyond the sixth grade. My parents taught me the importance of faith and family and the value of freedom. Patriotic to the core, they cherished their American citizenship and the opportunity to prosper here.
Growing up with little money in a family of nine meant making sacrifices and finding ways to overcome barriers. As a young teen, I worked an evening shift at a drapery factory and an assortment of other jobs throughout my teenage years, helping my family to make ends meet and saving to finance my dream of going to college. All the hard work paid off.
I put myself through The University of Houston, earned a law degree from South Texas College of Law, partnered with my husband to build a marriage and family, and managed a successful law practice before becoming a judge in 1999. Over the course of the next 22 years, I served at three levels of the Texas judiciary, more than half of that time as a justice on the Supreme Court of Texas.
As Attorney General, I will push back against government overreach, I will stand up for the men and women in blue who put their lives on the line to serve and protect. I will secure the border. I will defend the Constitution. And I will uphold the rule of law.
My life experiences motivate my to fight for the rule of law and to serve Texans with integrity. My rock-solid legal credentials give me the tools to stop the out of control Biden Administration. And my hard-earned character and integrity can give Texans faith that they can once again have pride in their Attorney General.
Texans deserve an Attorney General who will serve with honor and integrity. I will be that Attorney General.

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