Why I’m Running

In challenging times, Texans think big, aim high, and fight to win. In the battle for the future of Texas, we need a warrior for justice. I have the experience, the know-how, and the integrity we demand from our chief law enforcement officer. Battle-tested and proven ready, I will deliver justice for Texas.

I’ve served in the Texas judiciary for more than two decades, ruling on issues that impact our families, our property, and our freedoms. From my years on the bench, including more than a decade on the Texas Supreme Court, I know how to protect and defend our constitutional rights. Now it’s time to put my experience to work for you as your next Attorney General.

As Americans, we share core values that transcend race, ethnicity, status, culture, and creed. To preserve the Texas we love, we must show up, stand up, and speak up for the values and the vision that unite us. That’s our mission and the battlefield for our future. It’s where I’m called to serve as a champion for justice and the rule of law.

As Attorney General, I will push back against government overreach, I will stand up for the men and women in blue who put their lives on the line to serve and protect, I will defend the Constitution, and I will uphold the rule of law.

I’m running to be your next Attorney General because the rule of law isn’t just personal to me — it touches each and every one of us. For Texans to enjoy the freedoms we hold so dear, and for our communities and families to thrive and prosper, we must show up, speak up, and stand up for justice.

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    Ready to Fight for You

    Texans deserve an Attorney General who will serve with honor and integrity. If elected, I will enforce the law without fear or favor.

    Under my leadership, honor, truth, and integrity will form the foundation of all operations at the Attorney General’s office. As Texas Attorney General

    • I will build a team that enhances the quality of government without enlarging its role in our lives.
    • I will lead a force that provides Texans with first-class legal advocacy.
    • I will put together winning teams for the courtroom battles and fight to give Texans the future they deserve.

    I learned early to show up, stand up, and speak up for what’s right. That’s what I’ve done throughout my thirty-year legal career and that’s what I’ll do as Attorney General of Texas.

    • I’ll show up for the hard work.
    • I’ll stand up for Texas families and children, for the unborn and the vulnerable, for veterans and working Texans, for those who serve in law enforcement, and for the freedom-loving people of Texas who demand election integrity.
    • I’ll speak up for the rule of law, our Constitution, for the 2nd Amendment which protects our personal rights to keep and bear arms, and the liberties we all cherish.

    For me, and for you, the law is personal. It impacts our lives in big ways, and it matters. That’s why I’m answering the call and stepping up to serve as the Lone Star State’s new Republican Attorney General, and that’s why I’m asking for your support.

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      Eva’s Story

      In this difficult season of social and cultural upheaval, we need an Attorney General who will stand strong through times and forces that test us. I know a thing or two about persevering through trials. Many say they find inspiration in my story.

      Overcoming life’s challenges has a way of shaping one’s path and purpose. Finding the courage and strength to press on during hard times helped shape my character and drive my success. Today, I count the trials as blessings in disguise because they equipped me to show up, stand up, and speak up for what matters most.

      I grew up in Houston’s East End, the middle of seven children born to hard-working immigrants. My father worked as a welder and my mother earned what she could doing cleaning jobs. Though neither of them went to school beyond the sixth grade, they knew the promise and opportunities that would come with education and what it could mean for their children.

      My parents taught me the importance of faith and family and the value of freedom. Patriotic to the core, they cherished their American citizenship and the opportunity to prosper here. They pushed their children to excel in school. Through the power of their example, I learned to work hard and to dream big.

      Growing up with little money in a family of nine meant making sacrifices and finding ways to overcome barriers. As a young teen, I worked an evening shift at a drapery factory and an assortment of other jobs throughout my teenage years, helping my family to make ends meet and saving to finance my dream of going to college.  All the hard work paid off.

      I put myself through The University of Houston, earned a law degree from South Texas College of Law, partnered with my husband to build a marriage and family, and managed a successful law practice before becoming a judge in 1999. Over the course of the next 22 years, I served at three levels of the Texas judiciary, more than half of that time as a justice on the Supreme Court of Texas.

      Eva’s Story, Continued

      My journey from the factory to the courthouse was not an easy one but it prepared me well for a life in public service. I have experienced firsthand the challenges many Texans face every day.

      • I know the struggles of low-income families and what it means to navigate life’s problems without meaningful access to justice.
      • As a mother, I know the struggles of parents trying to bring up children in a world growing ever more hostile to God-honoring people and principles.
      • As the wife of a veteran police officer who served the Houston Police Department for 37 years, I know the vital role law enforcement plays in our communities and the sacrifices first responders and their families make to keep us safe.
      • I know the costs and sacrifices of putting food on the table, paying bills, and getting an education.
      • I know the demands and risks of running a business.
      • I know the fears of communities vulnerable to crime.
      • I know the burdens and anxieties facing working families and the toll it can take on mental health.
      • As a long-serving judge, I know the protections the law affords and how to defend and safeguard our liberties.

      These life experiences give me insights and perspectives that will enable me to serve all Texans effectively. Beyond that, I have rock-solid legal credentials necessary to do the job right.

      As the people’s lawyer, I would bring a depth of legal experience to the important work of the Texas Attorney General’s office.  As an attorney and as a judge, I have handled cases across a number of fields in both civil and criminal law. Serving on the trial bench, then on a court of appeals, and ultimately on the Texas Supreme Court, I unpacked complex legal issues and helped Texans solve all kinds of problems.

      Professional, community, and law enforcement groups recognized my contributions with high honors and awards. They dubbed me a pathfinder, a trailblazer, and an outstanding leader.  In 2009, they hailed me as a history maker when I became the first Latina to serve on the Supreme Court of Texas and the first to hold statewide office.

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      Awards and Recognitions

      During my tenure in the Texas judiciary, I ruled on thousands of cases and authored hundreds of judicial opinions, many on issues of first impression. I earned a masters in law degree from Duke University School of Law, learning from two great constitutionalists, United States Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito, whose judicial philosophy I share.  Through decades of study and judicial service, I have honed my knowledge and understanding of the Texas and United States Constitutions, and that has fueled my passion to protect and defend them.
      I stand well equipped to put my know-how and hard-earned experience to work in new ways as Texas’s next Attorney General.

      Hailed as a Trailblazer, a Pathfinder, and a Pioneer

      • Trailblazer Honoree, National Hispanic Pre-Law Conference (2017)
      • Modern Trailblazer Award, Association of Women Attorneys (2014)
      • Latina Trailblazer Award, Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas (2012)
      • Pathfinder Award, Texas Women Lawyers (2012)
      • Pathfinder Award, Travis County Women Lawyers Association (2010)
      • Pioneer Award, Institute of Hispanic Culture (2010)

      Recognized for Leadership

      • Texas Leadership Hall of Fame Inductee (2015)
      • Outstanding Texas Leader Award, The John Ben Shepperd Leadership Institute, The University of Texas Permian Basin (2015)
      • Outstanding Judicial Service and Leadership Award, Houston Bar Association Appellate Practice Section (2016)
      • Vision Award, Texas Advocacy Project (2016)
      • Top 100 Latino Leaders, Latino Leaders Magazine (2017)
      • Leadership Award, Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation (2013)
      • Community Leader Award, SER Jobs for Progress (2013)
      • 101 Most Influential Latino Leaders, Latino Leaders Magazine (2010, 2011)
      • 100 Outstanding Women in Leadership Award, Hispanic Women in Leadership (2009)
      • Presidential Invitee, National Hispanic Leadership Summit, Washington, D.C. (2006)
      • Recognition for 10 Years of Leadership as Chair of the Children’s Commission, Texas CASA (2020)

      Celebrated for Impact, Contributions, and Service

      • Alumni Impact Award, South Texas College of Law (2014)
      • Woman of the Year Award, Sucesos Publications Tribute to Hispanic Women (2014)
      • Statesman of the Year Award, Texas Asian Republican Club (2014)
      • Guardian of Justice Award, Texas Legal Services Center (2016)
      • Woman of Distinction Award, Texas Federation of Republican Women (2020)
      • Graciela Olivárez Award, Hispanic Law Student Association at Notre Dame Law School (2020)
      • Women of Distinction Award, Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of Commerce (2013)
      • Special Recognition for Devotion to Children, Children’s Assessment Center of Houston (2012)
      • Distinguished Alumnus Award, Houston Independent School District (2009)
      • Women on the Move® Award, Texas Executive Women (2006)
      • President’s Awards for Outstanding Service, Houston Bar Association (2006, 2008)
      • Recognized for Outstanding Service in the Community, Mexican-American Bar Association (2009)
      • Honorary Alumna Award, The University of Houston Law Center (2017)

      Commended for Excellence

      • Luther H. Soules II Award for Excellence in Litigation, State Bar of Texas Litigation Section (2021)
      • Award of Exceptional Distinction (citing excellence, strength, wisdom, and integrity), The Yellow Rose of Texas Republican Women (2020)
      • Pro Bono Excellence Award, Lone Star Legal Aid (2020)

      Saluted for Achievement

      • Honored for Achievement and Innovation in Work with Children and Families, Texas CASA (2020)
      • Outstanding Achievement Award, Travis County Women Lawyers Association (2019)
      • Lifetime Achievement Award, Hispanic Bar Association of Houston (2016)
      • Sara T. Hughes Lawyers of Achievement Award, State Bar of Texas Women and the Law Section (2014)

      Honored by Bar Associations and Professional Groups

      • Appellate Judge of the Year Award, Texas Association of Civil Trial and Appellate Specialists (2016)
      • Judge of the Year Award, Mexican American Bar Association of Texas Foundation (2009)
      • Latina Judge of the Year Award, Hispanic National Bar Association (2009)
      • Las Primeras of Texas Recognition, Hispanic National Bar Association (2011)
      • Premier Women in the Law Award, Association of Women Attorneys (2014)
      • Distinguished Faculty Recognition, Houston Bar Association (2000-2005, 2007)

      Applauded by Law-Enforcement Groups

      • Justice of the Year, Police Officers Looking Into Courthouse Excellence (P.O.L.I.C.E, Inc.) (2002)
      • Court of Appeals Justice of the Year, Houston Police Officers Union (2002)
      • Judge of the Year Award, Peace Officers Looking Into Courthouse Excellence (P.O.L.I.C.E., Inc.) (2003)
      • Award of Appreciation, Houston Police Organization of Spanish Speaking Officers (2003)
      • Judge of the Year Award, Peace Officers Looking Into Courthouse Excellence (P.O.L.I.C.E., Inc.) (2007)
      • Appreciation Award, Women in Law Enforcement (2008)
      • Award of Appreciation, Houston Police Department Hispanic Officers (2011)
      • Recognition at Executive Leadership Conference, Harris County Sheriff’s Department (2012) 

      Featured in the Limelight

      • Appellate Lawyers Reflect on the Legacy of Texas Justice Eva Guzman, Set to Retire Friday, Texas Lawyer (June 8, 2021)
      • 35 Houston Latinos you should know, Houston Chronicle, (December 31, 2015)
      • 100 “Influentials” in Government, Hispanic Business Magazine (2010)
      • Houston’s 50 Most Influential Women, Houston Woman Magazine (2010)
      • A Profile in Professionalism, The Houston Lawyer (January/February 2006)

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        The Leader We Need

        Texans want a new Attorney General, one who has a servant’s heart… a leader they can trust to do the right thing. We need a proven professional with the experience to do the job right, who shares our conservative values, and who has a track record of defending and protecting our Constitution.

        I have respect for the rule of law and the experience and professional credentials the people of Texas expect and deserve from their next Attorney General.

        If I am fortunate enough to win your support in this election, you can count on our campaign to win the general election and ensure our values and respect for the rule of law have a home in the Texas Attorney General’s office.

        In my last statewide election, I delivered a then-record-setting vote total. Between that success at the polls and being honored as a legal champion and leader, I know what it takes to win in the political arena and in the courtroom.  

        From my first day on the job as your Attorney General to my last, I will defend our Constitution.

        From the right to keep and bear arms and protecting the unborn, to defending those without a voice or who are easy targets for those in power, to safeguarding election integrity, I am ready to fight for Texans.

        It’s time for leaders to show up, stand up, and speak up for what’s right.

        It’s time for justice, Texas.

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